Fiona Tyndall

New Frontiers

I am delighted to announce my new EP, New Frontiers - and  reintroduce the joy of these Jimmy MacCarthy’s songs to a new generation.

In preparation for New Frontiers, during the COVID pandemic, I spent a year in Dublin where I partnered with the highly talented musician/arranger Brendan (Benny) Hayes to bring new inspiration to some of MacCarthy favourites (Neidin, the Contender, No Frontiers etc) 

It was exciting to work alongside Benny as we rearranged and reimagined some of best loved songs. In addition to Benny’s versatile and talented musicianship, his gift in creating imaginative, and intricate vocal harmonies, together with innovative instrumentation, results in this unique new sound.  

I also used the lockdown to my advantage by including my daughters, Aisling and Caoimhe  who kindly shared their talent to add unique choral-like harmonies to the recording. 

Benny and I also collaborated with some of Ireland top musicians, including Kieran Munnelly (tin whistle/flute), James Blennerhassett (bass) and Tim Edey /Sean Whelan (Guitar) and Davey Ryan/Liam Bradley (drums)  - a big thanks to them for their  musicianship, creativity and generosity.