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I hope you enjoy browsing through it, and sample my music. 

  • My first album, Deirin De focused on applying a unique blend of traditional Celtic sounds with some innovative modern treatments
  • Moonglow was my first jazz album - I recorded it when I lived in Boston, with some wonderfully talented musicians
  • Since moving to New Jersey, I've  been dabbling in Rock & Roll, Funk and Soul, and I am currently lead singer with the band Uncle Albert, who play in the NJ area
  • I really enjoy Burt Bacharach and regularly play a Bacharch set with my great musician friends Kathy, David and Mike (check out the videos)
  • My current project is still under development - I'm working with my daughters Aisling and Caoimhe (we call ourselves The Tyndall Effect) to create an album of melodic 3 part harmony .....more to come on that