Fiona originally hails from County Clare, Ireland and has been singing music of the Irish/Celtic tradition all her life. Her deep love of traditional Irish music resulted in her first album, Deirin De, which blended traditional Irish language lyrics with innovative musical and vocal arrangements. In late 2021, Fiona released her album, New Frontiers, a collection of songs from County Cork singer-songwriter, Jimmy MacCarthy with blended her unique vocal talent with creative vocal and instrumental treatment, with some of Ireland’s top musicians.

Since the positive reviews, of New Frontiers in Irish Music Magazine: “Stellar arrangements, intricate playing, tender, cascading harmonies….. leaves the listener wanting to hear more of her and her brilliant bandmates”, Fiona has been entertaining growing audiences with live gigs across NY/NJ and PA.

Since 2023, Fiona has been headlining at her monthly residency, with her band of great musicians in the Dubliner on The Delaware, New Hope PA.

During winter 2023, Fiona started a Singing Circle for acapella folk singers. It’s a monthly event in Hillsborough NJ

In early 2024, Fiona completed a teaching certification from the Royal Irish Academy and now offers classes in folk and traditional singing and has built up a community of new singers who perform at Trad sessions.

Fiona plays bodhran and recently took up tin whistle which she plays at traditional sessions in the Dubliner, New Hope PA and Mitchells, Lambertville NJ