Deirin De :

"You sing with such incredible ease .... these are lovely arrangements altogether ...... Siúil a rúin is such a treat, as is the Buachaillín Bán and the Déirín Dé…... Your Seacht Suáilcí is just gorgeous nice for my ear to be caught with happy listening … your song choices are superb " :                    

"Deirin De whispers of a rare and welcome childlike innocence and naivete. Subtle guitar lines from MacDara Toibin root this collection very much in it's place and time" Siobhan Long - The Irish Times   


"A fascinating treatment of very traditional songs in the Irish language. Tyndall has essentially kept the lyrics and style of singing in tact with a beautiful voice and her own interpretation, but the packaging and accompaniment she has chosen is unexpected.It is rich and truly jazz. Such collections often experiment, Deirin De succeeds" Brian O'Donovan , A Celtic Sojourn, National Public Radio, Boston (WGBH)  

Performance Reviews:

"Masterful Performance - I've known Fiona as a talented performer of traditional Scots-Irish ballads. At the most recent cafe Improv show, however, she surprised me. She and her combo presented contemporary music of Burt Bacharach and pother heavyweight songwriters. Her offerings were just as harmonically beautiful as her music is sweet. I was swept back in time by "What do you get when you fall in love" and other sixties pop hits. Ms Tyndall is a consummate performer (whatever era she choses); her music will grace everybody's libraryJohn Irving, Founder Cafe Improv 


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